Message - Robert Ramsey

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"Paving the way to growth and development through the protection of intellectual property rights", is our motto at the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO).

We believe our motto to be true as increasingly, Jamaica is recognizing the importance of intellectual property rights and the economic returns that are to be gained from the positive impact of our strong Jamaican brands, in trade, in our creative industries that have given to the world reggae music, our fashion industry, our distinctive culinary style, and the visual and performing arts, just to name a few. Having the strong Intellectual Property system as Jamaica does, enables our creators and innovators to protect their creative ideas in areas such as trade marks, patents, designs, geographical indications, copyright and related rights. In addition, a clear message is sent to overseas investors that our country is serious about doing business.

Of paramount importance is the need to educate and increase awareness among our people of the value of intangible assets in intellectual property and the economic benefits to be gained from them. This is a major part of the mandate of JIPO and our Office now has the responsibility to expand its public education to every corner of Jamaica, so that everyone will have the opportunity as far as possible, to learn how valuable intellectual property rights are.

JIPO is embarking on a program to proactively address emerging Intellectual Property rights issues that are of particular value to Jamaica, such as protecting the intellectual property rights of our sportsmen and women, protecting our authentic Jamaican products which have distinctive qualities and a reputation linked to a specific geographical area; protecting traditional knowledge, traditional cultural expressions and genetic resources of our indigenous communities.

The Office must be commended on these and other initiatives in meeting the needs of the public.

We at the same time look forward to your support by, you visiting our office to enable us to ensure that your products are protected so you can enjoy economic gains from them.