Geographical Indications - Jamaica & Switzerland

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The project's objective is to assist Jamaica in establishing a functional and effective protection system for Geographical Indications (GIs), in order to contribute to a better positioning of Jamaican quality products on national and international markets using distinctive signs.

The following areas of technical assistance for Jamaica have been defined between the project partners in a participative process:
  • Support for the establishment of an effective legal framework for GIs protection at the national and international level;
  • Capacity building for officials of public sector who have responsibilities concerning GIs;
  • Capacity building for producers of GI-products; and
  • Building Public awareness of GIs.

Project duration:

Two years, from July 2008 to June 2010

Origin of the project:

The Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO), on behalf of the Ministry of Industry, Investments & Commerce (MIIC) and the various stakeholders, has asked for assistance from the Swiss Intellectual Property Institute (IPI) so that it can benefit from the experiences IPI/Switzerland has in the field of GIs.
The negotiation of a bilateral agreement on the mutual protection of GIs between Jamaica and Switzerland is seen by both countries as a parallel tool and process that will usefully concretise their interests in a more effective protection of their GIs.

Why IPI's engagement? In our view, technical assistance to Jamaica in the field of GIs would offer the following benefits and opportunities:
  • Offer an effective system of protection of GIs in Jamaica in the interest of all stakeholders
  • The project allows an exchange of experiences in the field of GIs;
  • The implementation of an effective and sustainable GI protection in Jamaica would be a valuable example for other developing countries;
  • Both countries can more actively fight counterfeiting of GIs; and
  • Both countries will gain credibility for the international negotiations on GIs.

Expected results:

  • Establishment of an effective legal system for GIs
  • Officials of public sector trained
  • Producer Groups trained
  • Public awareness about GIs raised
  • Instrument for GI monitoring developed.


IPI - Contact:

Angela Deppeler
Project Manager
Federal Institute of Intellectual Property
Tel. +41/ 031/377 72 08

JIPO – Contacts

Sara Allen
Local Expert – Project
Jamaica Intellectual Property Office
Tel: (876) 754 6360/6350

Kai-Saran Davis
Manager, Trademarks& Geographical Indications
Jamaica Intellectual Property Office
Tel: (876) 754 6360/6350